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Solar Powered Catamaran

Tidal energy can be captured by either exploiting the kinetic energy or the potential energy  of the tides. it all depends on the technology and the location used.

Potential energy exploitation in the case of Tidal Energy has 80% efficiency which is considered to be high compared to other forms of renewable green energy sources.

Water is more dense air. About 784 times more dense.

The technology required and used to convert the power of tides into electricity is similar, and in some cases the same, as the technology used in dams and other hydroelectric installations.

Modular mean composed of standardized units or sections for easy construction or flexible arrangement. Base on that we develope this Shallow Water Pontoon, that is flexible on size and load unlike any convetional pontoon that already fixed size our pontoon design can be adjusted according to needs by using quick lock mechanism.

This design had two big advantage. First is storage capability, by taking advantage of modular design this pontoon can be
Store on-shore without using drydock on syncrolift since it can
be assemble or disassemble oft-shore. Second is transport since
it can be transport part by part using regular truck.

Posted on:

27 February 2017